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- Elkie -


Our Philosophy

We breed with the aim to produce sound, healthy and happy puppies. We believe our role in raising puppies is to be the caretakers of these beautiful individuals until they find their forever homes , and as such, our ethics and care throughout the process are paramount.

​Our puppies are raised in our home, using early socialisation protocols. They are exposed to normal household sounds, socialised with as wide a range of things, dogs and people as possible. They are prepared, as much as can be, to enjoy their lives with their new families. 

Prospective Homes

All of our puppies are raised as part of our family. They live inside with us and are part of our day to day routines. We only breed occasionally when we want a new puppy for ourselves and so we look for homes that are as special as we believe each puppy is. 

We usually like to match our puppies with prospective pet homes, having spent the most time seeing their personalities develop, we believe we are in the best position to find the best pairing for both pup and family.

If you are interested in knowing more about us or our breeding plans, do not hesitate to contact us.

"Transforming a puppy into an adult dog with the behaviours and temperament the owner needs and/or wants is a complex feat. According to research by Scott and Fuller, 35% of a dog's ultimate behavioural make up is genetic and 65% is attributed to management, training, socilization, nutrition and health care of the puppy."


Dewclaw, Summer 2002, Kathryn Lanam

Raising Puppies

The choices we make and processes we undertake as a breeder will directly impact the way our puppies interact with the world. However,  you as a potential new family for one of our puppies will ultimately influence and sculpt the type of dog you have. We do our best to provide the best possible start for each puppy and hope to have an ongoing relationship with our puppy families to support you along the way to create a happy life and relationship with your new pup.

All of our puppies will have a full veterinary check, vaccination and worming protocol performed before leaving us. They will be registered with the Australian National Kennel Club, either on the limited register (cannot be shown or bred, but can compete in Obedience & Agility), or mains register if in a partnership agreement with us, placed in a show home or with a registered breeder. Their pedigrees will be provided, along with a change of microchip ownership form, eye screen data, worming details, vaccination certificate, vet check certificate and copies of parent health information and testing. 


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