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Puppy Enquiries

We look for homes that will be commited to including their new puppy as part of their family, who understand or are willing to learn about all the ins and outs of adopting a Sheltie and are looking to include them in their day to day lives, giving them all the love they deserve. 

Please copy and paste the following questions with your answers into the below message box in order to be considered for one of our puppies.

  1. Why do you want a new puppy?

  2. What has made you want a Sheltie (the breed in particular)? And have you met the breed before?

  3. Are you looking for a Male or Female puppy? And would you be interested in an older puppy or young dog?

  4. Do you have a preference for size (Shelties can range from 12 inches to 17 inches at the shoulder as pets)?

  5. What type of fencing do you have and is your yard fully enclosed?

  6. Do you have children and if so what are their ages?

  7. Have you had a Sheltie before? If not, have you had a dog before?

  8. Have you raised a puppy before?

  9. Do you have any other animals at home?

  10. Is there anyone home during or for part of the day?

  11. What do you plan to do with your new puppy or dog when you have to go away or plan a holiday without them?

  12. What type of training will you do with your Sheltie?

  13. Are you interested in any dog sports or have you competed in dog sports before?

  14. Do you have any concerns or queries about the breed, grooming, training etc.?

We do not export overseas or send puppies interstate and we require to meet the families of prospective puppy homes.  If you are from interstate and are willing to make the drive without any guarantee of a puppy we are happy to consider you as a possible home for one of our puppies. 

We maintain the right to refuse a sale if we don't think a puppy or home is a good fit. This doesn't mean we think you would not provide a good home to another puppy from a different litter, it just means you are not a good fit for that particular puppy. 


Thanks for contacting us! We always try to respond within 5 business days, but please be patient as we work full time and our dogs are our hobby.

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