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- Elkie -

Hillswick Golden Treasure
Hillswick Golden Treasure
Hillswick Golden Treasure

14 1/8 inch & 6.8kgs

Full dentition & correct bite

Date of Birth 5/06/2019

Hips 2/2

Elbows 0

CEA Carrier

MDR1 Genetically Clear

DM Genetically Clear

vWDIII Genetically Clear 

Breeder: Hillswick, Carole Wylie

Agility & Jumping 300 Novice

Rally Novice

Mother of Litter A.

Elkie loves to train, she is speedy and takes a lot of joy in running at full extension in agility or chasing after seagulls at the beach! She is settled out and about, taking escalators in her stride and dealing with busy city trams and noise. She is a joy to train, is a quick thinker, fun loving and energetic. She is not an every body dog, preferring people that are in her circle of trust, but she revels in the affection from the people she loves. 

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