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For us, Kinnley represents the importance that dogs are raised as part of the family and are included in everday life. We hope that every puppy we raise is given this type of home. 

Our objectives as breeders are: 


We test for the typical genetic diseases (CEA, MDR1, DM, VWDIII and DMS) and hip and elbow scoring is completed prior to breeding.


A lot of genetic issues are polygenic but we do our best to make sensible decisions with the tools we have on hand.  


We aim for dogs that are resilient, athletic and with a predisposition to work. This is done through careful selection of the stud dog as well as the way we we raise our puppies and the early training given to them whilst they are with us. A lot of time and effort is put into each litter to bring out the best side of their personalities. 


Dogs cannot play and work all day without sound conformation.


We prioritise and select for athletic builds, refering to the ANKC breed standard (UK Type), to look at the strengths of each dog and make selections based on what we think will combine well and meet the standard. 

We love every puppy that we raise and we believe that they will bring their own unique and special personality to their forever family. We raise our litters by focusing on each puppy individually every day, working with them to ensure they have environmental stimulation, socialisation, play time and personal bonding.

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